We can choose joy and enrich the experience of caring for aging parents and our own aging journey.
Humor and laughter are healing touches even in the most difficult situations related to aging.
Alzheimer’s disease, sorrow, grief, and numerous obstacles to care will challenge us to choose joy and to be grateful.
What we learn from our aging parents will allow us to embrace what worked well for them and discard what
did not, allowing us to move forward in time
with grace, optimism, and hope.


Artichokes & Grace, Getting to the Heart of Aging With Our Aging Parents & Within Ourselves addresses these and other critical themes of aging through the voices of mid-life adults who were intimately involved with the care of their aging parents. Kristen Falde Smith has written a unique, compelling and sometimes humorous book that teaches, guides and inspires while exploring the difficult, yet honorable job of parent care. As you read this book, you will equip yourself to better understand your aging parents and to initiate your own plan to add joy and meaning to your life as your own aging unfolds.